Spooky Marbled Bats

Spooky Marbled Bats

Halloween is one my favorite crafting seasons! So you can imagine the excitement I had when I came across these lovely bat shapes from Unfinished Wood Co.! I had to make some sort of project out them! 

Here's what you'll need:


STEP 1: Tape off the sides of the bat where his little face will be.


STEP 2: Paint the face with beetle black.  Immediately remove the tape. Let dry.


STEP 3: Add the paint colors to the plastic cups as seen below. 


Step 4: Add double the amount of marbling medium to each cup.


STEP 5: Mix each color seperately.


STEP 6: Here's the fun part! Drizzle all the colors on the wings of the bat.


STEP 7: Tilt and swirl so that the medium/paint flow over the entire surface of the bat wings. Let Dry.


STEP 8: Add the facial features in wedding cake white! TIP: Add paint to the end of the brush handle to make perfect eyes for your bat! 

STEP 9: Once everything is dry, go ahead and use an exacto knife to cut along the edges of the tape. This will help ensure a clean edge where the tape was.  Enjoy!


Add these little guys to a wreath or use them in your entryway to spook your guests this fall! 

I hope you enjoyed learning about how to marble bats to decorate your home for Halloween! 

Much Love,


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