Unicorn Glass Window Art

Unicorn Glass Window Art

It's no secret that unicorns are my spirit animal. I'm a little bit obsessed but that's ok :-) 

For a while now, I've been wanting to experiment with gallery glass! I thought, what better way to try than to create something I love! So, I decided to grab a old picture frame with glass insert and draw me a unicorn that will catch sun throughout the day! 

Here's what you'll need: 

STEP 1: The very first thing you should do when crafting on glass is to wipe down you glass with alcohol and a cotton ball to make sure it's free of dirt and debris. 

STEP 2: It's time to trace! Position your artwork behind the glass pane.

TIP: This is something I learned from a fellow coworker and friend where I work to help ensure cleaner lines. Wrap a piece of magic tape around the tip of the liquid leading to create a finer tip! Great idea and this helped a lot! 

Once you have the tape in place, trace the entire design on the glass pane. Let dry.

TIP: I was a little ambitious when I got the 8oz bottle of liquid lead. Looking back, I think I might have bought the 2 oz because it's a little better to control. It was a little hard to trace with the 8 oz bottle because of the weight but my artwork turned out fine nevertheless! 

TIP: Don't fret if your lines are not perfectly straight. When you go back and fill in the color, you can correct any mistakes. Let your outline dry for at least 8 hours before filling in with color. Full confession, I only let my dry for about 2 hours and it worked just fine.

STEP 3: Next, it's time to fill in your artwork! I started with white for the actual unicorn and then got a little creative with the hair since I wanted it to be as colorful as possible. 

STEP 4: Keep filling in with color! Isn't it fun?!! The liquid leading keeps the color from blending together which can create a much cleaner application. 

STEP 5: Finish filling in the details and let dry! 

STEP 6: I let my artwork dry overnight and that seemed to work well! Hang your fun piece of artwork in a window or office setting where your design can shine bright like a unicorn! 

One very cool thing about this product is that you can peel off the entire design (in my case, from my picture frame) and stick it directly on a window!!! It then serves as a decal which is totally removable and temporary! How awesome is that?! My husband was laughing at me because I was so excited that the whole entire thing peeled off! It doesn't take much, lol :-)

Just from working with these paints, I've become a true gallery glass fan and can't wait to create more fun window art! 

Until next time!

Much love,


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