DIY Harry Potter Wands

DIY Harry Potter Wands

First of all, I must say that I'm a pretty big Harry Potter fan. When Universal Studios opened up their Harry Potter theme park, I was SO psyched to be one of the first ones to visit and enjoy my first butterbeer... well, let's not talk about that part... it wasn't at all what I expected but that's neither here nor there. The point is, I was elated when my coworker peeps suggested a Harry Potter wand making lunch crafting session! These little gems are so fun to make and you'll enjoy dueling with your friends and making up your own spells! 

Here's what you'll need:

Whimsy Wand: 

STEP 1: Load your glue gun with sticks and wait a few moments for it be ready. Once your gun is ready, start doodling around the dowel rod to create a shape. I wanted my wand to have a handle (ball) at the end so I created that first just by adding a lot of glue to the end.  

STEP 2: Work your way up the wand to create textures and designs. I wanted my wand to have vines throughout so I made swirls and criss cross patterns to create this. The glue dries pretty quickly if you're using a low temp glue gun. TIP: If you don't like the shape of a glue blob, you can form it to with your fingers as it dries. Be careful not to burn your fingers though :-) Below is the result of my first whimsy wand:

Elder Wand-ish:

STEP 1: So next, I tried to create a wand that resembles the elder wand. First, I glued a wooden bead to the end for a handle.

STEP 2: Then, I managed to create little blobs down the wand as seen below while filling in some vines in between.  TIP: It's super hard to create perfectly round spheres with glue so if you're a perfectionist, I'd suggest using various different sizes of beads for this step. Otherwise, glue your heart out and make it yours :-)

STEP 3: Time to paint! I base coated my elder wand-ish with a bronze brushed metal paint using a foam brush. Then, I went back in and added dimension with the black brush metal paint. I was really surprised how great the coverage was on glue. I have to admit, I was a little skeptical at first....

STEP 5: Next, I painted my little whimsy wand with brushed metal copper and pearl finishes. Love the results!

Drippy Wand: 

Ok, so my friend and coworker Shauna created this totally BA wand at our crafty lunch session and I had to recreate it at home because I was THAT obsessed. Here's my take on the drippy wand technique! 

STEP 1: Glue a ball to the end of the wand for a handle. I then base coated the ball with FolkArt Color Shift pink flash. Let dry completely. 

STEP 2: Ok, this is the really cool part. You have to use white Mod Melts for this step if you want this look. Trust me, you won't be disappointed.  Start at the base of the wand and start applying a generous amount so that it drips. Continue to make your way up the wand until it's covered entirely with this drippy look. TIP: If you have a cheap glue gun like I do, go buy a better one for this! It's worth it. I had to take breaks because my finger was tired from all the gluing and the trigger was hard to work. Keep at it because the results are gorgeous! 

Check out the finished results! Pretty neat, huh?!?!

Expecto Patronum! Until next time friends :-)

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FREE Paint with Plaid Event: 6/29 @ 7:30 EST

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