Harvest Pumpkin Arrangement

Harvest Pumpkin Arrangement

Thanksgiving is such a wonderful time to be with family and loved ones. If you’re hosting this year, you probably want to impress them with a beautiful tablescape and dining experience. This simple pumpkin floral arrangement will do just that and you can make it in just 5 minutes!

What you'll need:

  • White Faux Pumpkin 
  • Various Florals
  • Wheat
  • Light Green Leaves
  • Exacto Knife

STEP 1: Pick your floral arrangement. I tend to purchase everything from one place. Either Hobby Lobby or Michaels so I can play with different types of floral right there in the store. Choose an arrangement that makes your feel like fall and that also coordinates with your home décor.

STEP 2: With the exacto knife, cut a hole in the top of your faux pumpkin. This is where the arrangement will go. TIP: Make sure your knife is nice and sharp so it can cut through the faux pumpkin easily.


STEP 3: Place the arrangement into the pumpkin. I tend to like to put the leaves in the back and around the edges first and then layer in the wheat and other floral. Just play with a couple of different arrangements until you feel like it’s right.  


STEP 4: Place your new pumpkin arrangement on your dining table or at the front of your entry way to greet guests this thanksgiving!


I hope you enjoyed learning how to make this beautiful harvest pumpkin arrangement to grace your home this Thanksgiving! Remember, you can always customize this idea to your home décor needs!

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